How treadmill exercises help to reduce weight


KW: Under Desk treadmill

As a name suggests under desk treadmill is a treadmill that is available under a desk for walking at work. The devices comes in many sizes, shapes and quality levels. The treadmills play an important role in reducing weight. It is actually a versatile cardio machine, a treadmill can help in losing weight as well. Besides just losing weight, you can watch your favorite TV shows while doing exercise on treadmill. It also reduce your risk to heart disease and other chronic disease. It also improve sleep, boost your mood and improve the function of brain.

Treadmills are the right choice for the ones who want to lose weight, but for this you want to know all details. The important tip you want to keep in mind if you want to lose weight only by running that your heart rate is your fat burning zone minimum for 30 minutes. It’s better to buy a treadmill in which you insert your age and weight in the console, so it calculates the heart rate and your fat burning zone. To lose weight on treadmill, spend minimum 15 minute walks throughout the day.

Duration of the exercise is more important than the intensity of the exercise.  Portability has always been the major concern and many people don’t have time to manage the proper time for exercise. For them we recommend to use under desk treadmill.

3 Weeks Weigh Loss Plan from Treadmill

Getting weight loss is not an easy job. As we all know many people lose weight just by using treadmill and we wonder how they do that. Keep this in mind every achievement needs hard work. People who maintain their weight are also working hard to maintain that. Below we are sharing 3 weeks weight loss plan by using treadmill.


Start the week with 60 minutes fat burning workout. Burn calories depend on the height and speed approx. a person can burn between 300 to 400 calories. The first day might be difficult for you as you need to give message to your brain about work out etc.As you give 60 minutes on Monday, so today only 30 minutes enough for warming up your body at an easier pace of your cardio exercise, at 50-60% of maximum heart rate. This minimizes the heart and diabetes disease. So like this manage your first week. The speed and warm up time to warm your body. Warming up your body is very important before doing any exercise either it’s just treadmill.


Repeat the treadmill work out plan again this week. Explain the different pre-planned workouts on your treadmill and also try to speed up this week. Start doing short walks and build your time each day. Achieve 60 minutes per day by adding 15 minutes of walk per day. To lose weight with just walk you also need to control your eating habit. Count your calories per day and fix your meals time.


In week 3 you need to modify the schedule to fit into your lifestyle. Work on your walking posture, especially learn how to walk fast so you able to burn more calories with the same workout session. You can see the improvement if you slowly improve your fitness and lose weight so you’ll need to speed up more.

Weight loss schedule may carry on for further weeks. Make sure that losing weight just by walking is tough one and might you found the process is too slow. With only walk things don’t work well. Make sure to check out your calorie count per day and judge yourself with honesty, if you want to lose weight. Make sure to warm up your body at list 10-15 minutes daily.

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